Amy’s Team

 The Team Behind Me


I am fortunate to have a qualified team with me that allow me to market your home and build my brand image in the most professional way. On top of my 10+ years of experience in real estate I have also built a team to help with the day to day business operations as well as, marketing and photography. My assistant works beside me daily to ensure that tasks and paperwork are filled as quickly as possible. Having two eyes and hands on deck ensures that there are no errors and documents are filled fast to ensure your home is listed immediately. My assistant also has a background in Marketing and Graphic Design and is responsible for creating all marketing materials related to your home. Having someone in my office that does this allows for a very quick turnaround time than having to outsource design work.

Social Media & Internet Management:

Another area of my team that is important to the sale of your home is Social Media Managers. I have a team of experts that manage and monitor the reach of my social media. We constantly run paid ads when a new home is listed or an open house is scheduled. Through these ads we are able to reach as many people as we want. On average a single 2-3 day ad will reach between 2,000-10,000 people in the geographical area of our choice. This is great awareness to your property. Additionally, we are able to select and target our ideal buyers for your home by setting key terms such as “family household”, “newly married”, etc.


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